After our founder ended up in county jail, he saw what services were lacking in correctional institutions. Some people in custody are unable to make phone calls or get in contact with their family and therefor go without cash for months on end. Our third-party, middleman will physically deposit the money into the inmate’s account at the detention facility the inmate is located in. This saves you time and travel expenses. Our fast, easy, and guaranteed services are secure and offer an effortless and quick way to get cash to your loved ones simply and effectively. 

All we need is the inmate’s name, their booking number, and the amount to send. We can handle any amount between $1.00 and $100.00. Our processing time is guaranteed, and even in the unlikely event that we aren’t able to meet it, we refund you 50% of the processing fee. We also refund you if the inmate is released or transferred, minus the transaction fee.