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2020 Turkey Giveaway!

In the spirit of this Holiday Season, and as as a gesture of sincere appreciation, Cash 2 Jail is donating fifty (50) Thanksgivings Turkeys to those very special families who sacrificed selflessly in 2020 to take care of their incarcerated loved ones.


CASH 2 JAIL will pay $100


*DUI / Drugs / Expungement

*Traffic Cases

*Domestic Violence

*Shoplifting / Theft

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Take luxury coach, shuttle buses to visit inmates in the Los Angeles County Pitchess Detention Center, Wayside Facilities. $38.00 round trip from Down Town Los Angeles.

Facility store list due date

Mens Central Jail..........................Sunday

CRDF Lynwood..............................Monday

Wayside (except NCCF)............Tuesday

NCCF ....................................................Wednesday

Twin Towers.....................................Thursday

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In the face of adverse circumstances, being able to offer financial support to your incarcerated loved ones can help make their time spent behind bars a little better. Cash 2 Jail offers inmate money transfers in Los Angeles, CA, to help you support your family and friends in their time of need. We make it easy for you to quickly deposit funds into a loved one’s account at several detention facilities throughout the area. If you’re looking to send funds to someone you know in a Los Angeles correctional facility, we’re here to help.

Helping You Help Out Your Loved Ones

Using our fast and secure inmate finance transferring service, you can easily send aid to residents of correctional facilities from virtually anywhere. So, even if you live out of the state your loved one currently resides, you can have peace of mind knowing that they’ll receive their aid. What’s more, you won’t have to be concerned about traveling, fuel expenditures, parking, or waiting in line to get your family or friend what they need.

By sending funds to your incarcerated friends or family members, it allows them to purchase items from their prison commissary to give them a higher quality of life in their unfortunate situation. As a third-party money transferring company, we’ve made it our mission to transport your cash to the right facility and deposit funds directly into your loved one’s account, much like a courier service. We understand that counting on us to do so means that you’re putting a great deal of trust in our professionals to see it to that your relief makes it to the appropriate place and the right person. That’s why all our services are guaranteed and secure.

Your Required Information

By submitting your request, you agree to our terms and conditions. You will need the following information for inmate money transfers:

• Inmate First Name • Inmate Last Name • Amount to Send (Between $1.00 & $100.00)
• Booking Number • Your Name

If you don’t know the inmate number of the person you are trying to send funds to, please reference their correctional facilities’ website for the appropriate information. Many institutions offer an inmate number referencing system online. Alternatively, you can contact them via phone to obtain this information as well. Reach out to us to take the stress out of inmate money transfers by utilizing our services.